Premi Işıl Tekecik

She was born in İstanbul in 1988. She studied business administration and she has been working in business as a procurement professional.

She is a meditator. Her journey started in 2010 when she met yoga, meditation and Osho. As her path deepened, in 2018 she met Premartha and Svarup and the primal deconditioning process. She fell in love with their work. Since then she has been traveling to attend their retreats and trainings and currently she is assisting them with their online groups.

Her passion is to share this work and meditation as it is a great tool to live this life fully with love and awareness. She believes this work liberates one self from the limiting beliefs and opens a door for living in authenticity, joy, with truth and love.

She teaches yoga, facilitates meditations and organizes yoga&meditation events for corporate organizations.

She gives individual healing adolescence sessions. Both online and face to face in Istanbul and both in English and Turkish.

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