I met Osho in 2004 and immediately felt in love with his meditations, and I started my inner search. In the same year I changed my name and decided to start my preparation as Osho Therapist in Mexico. Two years later I went to Poona and when I came back I had the fortune to met Svarup and Premartha and felt in love with their energy, work and love. Childhood Deconditioning changed my life and I love to share this transformation with others beloveds friends.

I also share as individual sessions:
Hipnotherapy with PNL Certified for the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and The NLP Connection.
Hindu Head Massage
Bach Flowers
Dream Dialogue

And together with my couple and beloved Nandu created different week end groups:

Discovering your Innocent Being, Living in Love, Feeling Alive
Feeling Free, Tantra, Dancing with the Energies
A Journey into Chakras, Discovering your Female Wisdom


Tel: 2281249361