Deesha Lena Salman

I am a therapist leading groups and sessions in breathwork, chakra alchemy and meditation. I am amazed to discover throughout my work the magic that comes from connecting to our bodies and emotions, which enables a true and sincere connection to our inner being, our life energy, our heart and the deep love present with in, vitality and deep inner silence.

I lead the workshops “The Journey into the Heart”, “Breathing into Life – Breathwork” and “The Heart of Breath – a journey up the 7 chakras”.

I am qualified in Breathwork, Focusing integrated with Somatic Experience for trauma healing, OSHO Energy Counseling, Chakra Reading, Reiki and a graduate of 3 years of Osho Primal Therapy with Premartha and Svarup.

My core belief is that we are the ones responsible for our lives, and this gives us the power of choice. As we get to know ourselves, our subconscious mind, our magical inner child, our energetic and mental structures, we can create a loving reality, full of joy, pleasure, presence and lightness.

tel.: +972-544-693-125