Gayatri Silvia Chiavacci

Has a dilpoma in communication, and for some years she worked in the field of development. In 2000, her search brought her in touch with the essence of the teachings of Osho, and her life changed. She followed the “Accademia dello Sviluppo del Potenziale Umano” in Bagni di Lucca and specialized in Holistic Psicosomatic. In this way she started off a journey of discovery of her own essence through Primal and other groups. She took a degree in Clinical Psychology and a Master Degree in Counseling from the Arezzo University, in which she experienced other techniques, such as Voice dialogue by Hal and Sidra Stone.
In the end, she chose Primal, as one does with the first love, and attended the Twice Born Training with Premartha and Svarup. In this way, she has learnt the sense of “being love”, and bringing playfulness into her life.

She offers the ten Childhood Deconditioning Session Series, Breath sessions, and Voice Dialogue Sessions.

phone: 0039 377/1981134