Gopala Valentina Maltauro

She starts her career as a specialist in Training (Communication, Emotional Intelligence and Team Building) and Career Counseling.
She soon realizes the importance of working on herself as the key to create positive relationships and to gain maximum potential from each situation life puts you through.

After beginning her personal and spiritual development, attending Primal with Svarup and Premartha, the greatest gift she receives is the awareness tools to get in touch with her own essence and to balance it with the different parts of her life.
Sharing this gift with people is now her mission.

Since then, she has become Holistic Counselor, Mindfulness Instructor and Progetto Gaia facilitator with Dr. Nitamo Montecucco in the Villaggio Globale at Bagni di Lucca, and certified Laughter Yoga Leader Certificate from Laughter Yoga University.
She is now training for the 10 Sessions of Primal Childhood Deconditioning with Svarup and Premartha.

She uses Awareness techniques, Psychosomatic Mindfulness, Bioenergetics, Osho’s Active Meditations and Laughter Yoga.

• Individual Sessions: Psychosomatic Holistic Counseling, 10 Sessions of Healing Adolescence
• Workshop and groups: Progetto Gaia, Psychosomatic Mindfulness workshops, Osho’s Active Meditations, Laughter Yoga

Mobile – +39 393 8700164
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Facebook – Valentina Maltauro