Gramya Hulya Yilmazipek

Born in Istanbul in 1965. Graduated from English High School, Istanbul University Business Administration and FIDM in San Francisco. Background in textiles, worked in family business. In 1997 I met Osho’s teachings and meditations and they inspired me towards living a more joyful and loving life. I received trainings of meditation oriented therapies; Osho Meditations, No-Mind Meditative Therapy, Family Constellation and Reiki Mastery. In 2005 I met Premartha and Svarup and was amazed by the results of the inner child work and I decided to share this inner healing and help others in this path. I got Primal Training in Italy and Childhood De-conditioning Training in Greece. During all these trainings I helped and assisted them all around the world several times in Primal and in Tantra groups. My love and compassion for humanity deepened and my life blossomed through this work. During my travels through India, Greece and Italy in the last six years I enriched my experience in the fields such as psychic massage and breath by participating in related workshops.

Individual Sessions; Reiki Childhood De-conditioning (10 sessions) Meditation Counseling


ph: +90 (532) 6160872