Kushru Gregor Szeinmaurer

I am working in the field of meditation, spiritual therapy and integral personal development, offering Seminars, Trainings and Individual Work. It is my joy and passion to support others on their way to their Self, and integrating this more into day to day life.

In my own process of learning and discovering I have been trained in a variety of Processes and Methods, such as: Childhood Deconditioning with Svarup & Premartha, Somatic Experiencing© Trauma Healing, Tibetan Pulsing Yoga, Awareness Intensive Retreats, Tai Chi and Chi Kung, Massage and Bodywork Therapies, Energywork, Chakra Energy Counseling and Chakra Alchemy, Counseling and Zen Counseling.

Since some years now I am enjoying to share my passion with others, and the field and content of my work is continuously evolving and expanding, through my own inner exploration and learning. Together with my partner Komala we have created Seminars and Trainings, which include Seminars for Men & Women, Awareness Intensives and the “Training for Life”

I would enjoy meeting you somewhere on the path and share my passion for the exploration of what it means to be a conscious human being!

If you are interested or would like to get more information, feel free to connect!

www.integralbeing.at / info@integralbeing.at

phone: ++43 – 650 34 62 454