Ma Anand Mouna – Konstantinidou Maria

* trained in the additional skills of the Advanced Childhood Deconditioning Training, with a deeper understanding of Childhood Work

Born in Greece in 1968, studied Chemistry in the University of Athens and worked as a Chemist-teacher for several years.In 1996, the books and the active meditations of the mystic Osho brought her to Pune-India, where she started her own healing process.

Since1998 she got trainned in the meditation-oriented therapy in the Osho Multiversity in Pune with specialization in Breathing, Pulsation, ,Councelling, Hypnosis and Energy work.In 2001 she met Svarup and Premartha and got trainned by them in the Inner Child work

She is now working in Pune and in Europe giving Breath-Pulsation and inner child sessions (the series) and workshops, while she is also taking part in the creation of meditation centers in Europe.

Individual sessions :
Childhood deconditioning (10 sessions)


Tel: 0030 6944712779