Ma Deva Mada – Lamprini Tzerefou

Born in Greece in 1972, studied Physical education in the university of Athens. In 1997, the problems with her health were the starting point for her inner growth. After psychoanalysis and NLP, and after working intensively for 6 years with the Reiki Master Svarno-Vasso Allayianni, she was initiated by her as a Reiki Master herself.

She travelled to India, Poona, were she met meditation and became a disciple of the great mystic Osho. Since then, she has attended many workshops and trainings in india, Greece and around the world.

She has deep love and gratitude to Premartha and Svarup, who trained her into the Childhood Deconditioning work. She is also trained in Pulsation and Counseling skills.

Individual sessions: Reiki, Childhood Deconditioning, counseling, Pulsation. Workshops: Reiki Initiations, Meditations.

ph: 0030-6944245982, email: