Ma deva Zareen – Mary Klostou

She was born in Greece in 1976. She studied piano, Computer Graphic Design and Animation and worked for the National Broadcast Channel as a graphic designer for 10 years. Her healing process started 12 years ago with Reichian psychotherapy. In 2007 begins her inner journey with Reiki and Osho therapies and meditations. She experienced, as a participant, the miracle of the Inner Child twice (10 session series and Twice Born Primal-Tantra). After these amazing journeys of the heart, she decided to participate in the Childhood Deconditioning Training in Osho Afroz with Svarup and Premartha. In July 2013 she finished her Reiki Master and started her studies on Quantum Biofeedback therapy. She loves the path to self-awareness and meditation and she is determined to contribute to human transformation for a healthier and happier world! Individual Sessions: Reiki, Childhood Deconditioning (10 sessions), Swiss Tachyon Aura Healing, Quantum Biofeedback therapy Workshops: Reiki initiations

Tel: 0030 6945 534 734 e-mail: