Ma Dharma Jeeval – Margarita Kavassila

Born in Athens and mother of a 26 years old son, Jeeval has studied English Literature, Interior and Industrial Design in Britain and worked as a freelance designer for 15 years, creating home and office interiors.

Her inner journey began when she had the opportunity to receive Reiki sessions, which turned out to be her first opening to what she perceived, through her physical body, as vibrations of energy.

This very first understanding, which is the basic approach of her work, led her to visit Osho commune. – It contributed to a great change in her personal and professional life -.

Since then she has followed and participated in many therapeutic groups. She has been trained in Aura Soma, Color puncture (beamer light pen), Feng shui, Tachyon and Childhood deconditioning from Svarup and Premartha.

Her work today is a combination of sessions, workshops and private projects.

Workshops : in Aura Soma and Feng shui.
Individual sessions : in Aura Soma, Beamer light pen, Tachyon and Childhood deconditioning (the series of 10 sessions).

Ma Dharma Jeeval- Margarita Kavassila
tel. 210-6515672