Ma Dhyan Gulistan

She was born in Greece 1974. She studied History, Psychology and Education in Oxford, England (1997) and Methodology of English Language, RSA Diploma, Cambridge (2000). For seven years she taught English to children (from the age of 4), teenagers and adults. She also taught adults how to teach children.
Since 2000, she has participated in many self-healing groups and meditations and has been looking for new ways to approach and work with children and their parents. This took her to Poona, India in 2002 and got involved with Osho’s work. In 2005, she met Premartha and Svarup, fell in love with them and their work, The Childhood Deconditioning Process.
She loves to work with parents and hold the space for them to connect with their inner child as this can make them more sensitive, loving and aware towards their children.

She gives sessions of:

Childhood Deconditioning (10 sessions)

Sexual Deconditioning (10sessions)
Transomatic Dialogue
Past Life Dialogue
Dream Dialogue
Reiki (level II)

in Greece, India and Mexico.

She facilitates Osho active meditations and Mystic Rose.

Since 2014 she leads Primal Groups

At the moment she lives in Mexico City.

Contact numbers in Mexico
Cell: 005255 26994376
Home: 005255 52541152