Ma Dhyan Leela – Adriana Sedlackova

If you can become a child again, you have achieved all.
If you cannot become a child again, you have missed all.
A sage is a twiceborn child.
And firstborn children are not real children
because they will have to grow up.
The second birth is the real birth,
because when somebody is twiceborn
he has given birth to himself.
It is a transformation,
he has again become a child.
Osho, The Hidden Harmony

We are beings of light, beings of love…we are love, actually…
But how many of us are living up to our real potential? Obviously, not many.
Have you ever wondered why it is so?

I spent good part of my life searching for the answer and I found it thanks to my life experiences that led me to Osho and to Svarup and Premartha.

It is because of our conditioning.
It is also because of a little child that still lives inside us and who needs our care and attention. A child that we have been overlooking for so long, but who operates in our lives much more than we are able to see. As a part of our development, this child possibly experienced many wounds and traumas and is still acting out of these wounds even 20, or more, years later. It hurts. It prevents us from being who we really are. But what can we do about it now?

What does the child inside really need?
It needs you – it needs your love, your compassion, your attention, your care, your understanding, your friendship, your support, your guidance…your loving presence – you being there for him or her.
It needs a loving adult.

If you want to reclaim the joy and laughter of your natural child, which are your birthright, get ready for a journey full of wonders and adventures and let me guide you. Yes, you might get to dark places on the way, too, but I have been there and I can assure you that the darkness is always deepest just before the dawn and it’s nothing more than a place where there is no light.
So be yourself, don’t compromise. 😉

I offer the 10 sessions of the TWICE BORN – CHILDHOOD DECONDITIONING® THERAPY because, after going through the process myself during the training, all my life changed. Completely. I feel very lucky, blessed and thankfull for meeting Premartha and Svarup as it has been a life transforming experience all the way – before I was dead, now I am alive…before I kept abandoning myself, now I am learning to recognize my needs…before I did not accept myself or my wounded inner child, now I am on my way to still more self-love, self-acceptance and playfulness…

When I took sannyas I could feel for the first time in my life that I am part of existence, that existence loves me, takes care of me…that I AM LOVE… It helped me free myself from my conditioning… Of course, it’s an ongoing process. The change was possible only when I decided to go for it…and I managed thanks to Osho’s love…love and compassion of my beloved teachers… and my fellow sannyasins… I am very grateful for this opportunity…also to myself for hearing my soul’s calling. Now I know what it means to live a blessed life, I know how it feels to cry tears of happiness, I know how it feels to be at home. And it is my turn now to guide you from this new space in a loving, compassionate and meditative way towards your true self.

Realize who you really are.
Discover your true potential.
See the god inside you.
Connect with your divine essence.
Remember you are the creator of your own life and reality.
And you are the saviour you are waiting for.
No less.

The child never dies…nothing ever dies.
The child is there, always is there,
wrapped by other experiences…
Wrapped by adolescence,
then by youth,
then by middle age,
then by old age…
but the child is always there.

You are just like an onion,
layers upon layers,
but if you peel the onion,
soon you will find fresher layers inside.
Go on deeper and you find more and more, fresher layers.
The same is true about man:
if you go deep into him
you will always find the innocent child…
And to contact that innocent child is therapeutic.
Osho, The Wild Geese and the Water

I was also trained in Osho Energy Counselling (Institute for Inner Alchemy and Meditation) and Birth Integration (Osho Breath Energy School).

Furthermore, I study and work with the chakras, archetypes, tarot cards, numerology, law of attraction, Pleiadians‘ wisdom, Abraham teaching, quantum physics, metaphysics, esoteric sciences.
I feel very much drawn to the rebirth of the divine feminine movement as I feel it is essential for our collective future.

Osho says that we have only one responsibility in our life: to be faithful to our true essence.

Love and light,

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