Ma Prem Neelam

In the year 2005 , I was invited to join Osho´s active meditations , that was the beginning of healing and self transformation.

In 2008 , I´ve met  Svarup,  Premartha and Swami Devageet ,they have being my teachers and best friends since then and all these years.

With them, first I went through therapy inner work , fully immersed in the intensity of the buddha field, with the Grace of the master.

Then I was trained in :

Childhood Deconditioning Process

Sexual Deconditioning

Transomatic Dialogue

Akashic Process One

Osho No Mind , Meditative Therapy

I have being assisting therapy groups in Mexico and Greece and facilitating individual sessions, this is my love and joy , fortunate under the guidance and wisdom of my beloved teachers.

WhatsApp & phone    +52 954 118 6070