Ma Prem Nutan – Vicky Stefatou

* trained in the additional skills of the Advanced Childhood Deconditioning Training, with a deeper understanding of Childhood Work

Nutan started her journey in the path of inner growth and awareness through meditation oriented therapy 15 years ago, when she met the mystic Osho. Trained in Esoteric Sciences in Poone (India), Greece and around the world, she is a Reiki Master, Osho Therapist and groupleader. She is living in Athens

Individual sessions: Reiki/Counseling, Childhood Decodnitioning, Tachyon Aura Healing, Arythmology

Workshops: Reiki Initiations, Family Constellation, Mystic Rose, Meditations

Tel: 0030 210 6122792, Cell: 0030 6972620383