Ma Prem Preyas – Mirela Xanthaki

Ma Prem Preyas-Mirela Xanthaki Preyas, a yogi, peaceful activist, animal and nature lover and a spiritual anarchist is deeply in love with the magical process of transformation through movement, breath, awareness and devotion. Learning early in life that physical pain and emotional suffering are inherently connected, she started looking for methods to heal body and mind.

She lived in New York for 4 years, where she did her yoga teacher training (RYT-200) and she later continued in doing 1000 hours Yoga Therapy Training (RYT-500, CYT-700) with Nancy Candea and the International Yoga Therapy Institute. She has also been trained in Aerial Yoga and Unnata Aerial Yoga and enjoys more than anything to actually give people wings to fly! After more than a decade of being a “spiritual gypsy” and dwelling into every religion and spiritual practice she could get her hands on, the great mystic Osho came into her life and all fell into place.

She took sannyas and she trained in Primal Childhood Deconditioning for 3 years with the beloved teachers Premartha and Svarup. This unique process that marries eastern spirituality and meditation with western psychotherapy changed her life. She now shares it with love and the deep faith in the inherit power of all of us for self-healing. She has taught at yoga schools in NY and Greece and now she is mostly teaching privates and mini groups in yoga, aerial yoga, yoga therapy, meditation and pranayama workshops, osho meditations, the childhood deconditioning sessions, Reiki sessions. She has deep gratitude for all the teachers and beautiful souls present in her life and the ones to come. “We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell


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