Ma Prem Rashmi – Airina Kazlauskaite

Ma Prem Rashmi – Airina Kazlauskaite


Rashmi has started her journey in 2012 when she met Premartha and Svarup. Since 2013 she is managing impro theater in Lithuania and giving impro workshops. Growing and guiding others in their own growth is her passion.


She is trained in Primal Childhood Deconditioning by Premartha and Svarup and she is qualified by them to give the Childhood Deconditioning sessions.

She is qualified to facilitate the meditative therapy OSHO Born Again, OSHO active meditations and laughter yoga.

She lives and works in Vilnius.

Individual sessions: Childhood Deconditioning (10 sessions), Reiki

Group workshops: improvisation, communication and motivational groups, meditations, OSHO Born Again, laughter yoga.


Tel.: +370 612 27501