Ma Prem Shivani

I met Osho in early 2004, and in that same year I started praciting Osho meditations, took sannyas and went to India… At the end of that first stay I participated to a Primal group – and that is when my “love affair” with Primal work began.
I met Svarup and Premartha in Greece in 2007, in the beautiful Buddhafield of Osho Afroz, where I was trained in the Childhood Deconditioning Sessions. Since then I have continued helping in their therapy groups and being trained by them. My heart was and still is touched by the love, the purity and the meditative quality that is at the core of their work.
Why am I in love with Primal? Because my life has become so much richer! Self-awareness, love and compassion for my own and others’ inner child, understanding, freedom and so many insights… These gifts are also the reason why I feel the desire to share this path and offer the support of the Childhood Deconditioning Sessions.

I have work experience in Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia and can offer sessions in Italian, English and French.
I am also trained in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, Aura Soma (intermediate level) and Reiki (second level).

Phone: +39 348 357 9448