Ma Prem Sugandho (Charlotte Luzius)

Nationality: German 

1978-1988 Academic Studies:

Education, Psychology and Sociology in the University of Marburg and Duisburg ( Germany ) with the degree of Diploma of Education.
Thesis: The Influence of Technological Development on Human Consciousness.

1980-1985 Additional studies:
Alternative methods at the Osho Multiversity, Pune ( India ): Meditation (Training), Neo-Reichian Breath-work (Training), Bioenergetics, Esoteric Sciences (Training), Reiki (Master Degree), Hypnosis Training (M. Erickson Hypnosis), Childhood Deconditioning Training (with Premartha and Svarup)

1988 / 1992 Leading Seminars at the University of Duisburg / Faculty of Education on the following subjects:
•  Man and Technology,
•  The Influence of Mass-Information Technology on Human Consciousness
•  The Development of Gestalt Education
•  Theories of Communication

1995 to present Leading Workshops in Germany , Denmark , Greece , Russia , Israel and India on the following topics:
•  From Fear to Love
•  Melting in Love and Aloneness – Two Dimensions of Relating
•  Childhood conditionings
•  Transforming Power
•  From the Head to the Heart
•  Dropping Beliefs
•  Women’s topics: Wise Women I – Exploring the female qualities
•  Wise Women II – Exploring the male qualities
•  Anger contra violence
•  Freedom and boundaries: How much freedom can we live? How much boundaries do we need?