Ma Prem Uma

2001 – 2004 Training as Massage and Healing Therapist

2005 – 2006 In-service training as Essential Therapist

2006 Primal and Tantra in Osho Miasto, Italy

2007 Assistant with Childhood Deconditioning 10 sessions in Osho Afroz, Greece

2008 – Assistent with Primal an Tantra in Osho Miasto, Italy

2008 – Started Primal Training no. 3

2009 – Assistent with Primal and Tantra in Osho Miasto, Italy

2009 – Primal Training 4 + 1

2011 – Completed Primal Training

2012 – Assisted Primal Training

2014 – Reiki 1 and 2

After my education in Massage for Healing, I noticed that in order to provide my clients with a better treatment, I needed to study more Therapy. I chose to join an education at the same school where I studied massage and with different teachers. In the education the 10 sessions of Childhood Deconditioning were included.

I really was fascinated with meeting my Inner Child, a meeting from heart to heart, and especially with meeting Svarup and Premartha, who were able to help me open the door to my loving Inner Child who has been there always. I also appreciated how most of the work includes the whole body and not only the mind.I am very grateful to the two loving persons, and I look forward to pass on some of the great gift I received from them to more people.

During the years I have participated of most of the groups Svarup and Premartha have been giving in Denmark, and always with the greatest joy.

My in-service training also includes NLP, Voice Dialogue, Family Constellation, and more ordinary Therapy.

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