Nirmala and Sudharm

The last decade Nirmala has worked to support people who wants to grow and to communicate better. She has written a few books to support people to dare more and feel more confident in their lives.
Five years ago she met Premartha and Svarup while doing the Therapist training at Oshorisk in Denmark. She instantly fell in love with their primalwork. That particular group changed here life. Nirmala started to believe in love again! Since then Nirmala has done for example their Childhood deconditioning training (Oasen, Copenhagen), a 24-days Essencetraining (Oshorisk, Denmark), a counselor relating training. Nirmala assisted Premartha and Svarup in primal at Osho Afroz (Lesbos, Greece) 2006. In 2007 she assisted both primal, and a at Osho Afroz.

Sudharm has worked with supporting people to grow as profesionals since the mid 80´s, and the last years focused his own and others personal growth. Sometimes he also focuses his more artistic side shown on his website, He has among other things done the Therapist training in Risk, Denmark,Counselor Relating Training in Miasto, Italy, the Childhood deconditioning training in Copenhagen and the Essence Training in Risk. He has assisted Premartha and Svarup in Primal and Primaltantra.
Sudharm – together with his beloved Nirmala – gives the series of10 sessions of the Childhood Deconditioning process and are they are starting groups focusing sexual deconditioning. He also gives personal coaching and pulsing massage.

ph. 0046-703224242