Premal Madina

Premal Madina is a psychologist, dancer and healer . Founder of Devi Temple of Feminine and Butiba Festival in Latvia.

Following the call of her heart, she spent 7 years studying the Indian Temple Dance, Yoga and Osho Meditative Therapies in India. She completed her study of  Twice Born 10 Sessions of Childhood Deconditioning  and continues her study of Healing the Inner Teenager Training

 from Satyam Svarup, enriching her path with more understanding of life-wisdom, grace and motion.

Holder of Women Circles and Shamanic Journeys, she shares the Shamanic Wisdom with others on her Path.
“Being a mother and wife is the greatest experience on my life journey, realizing my nature and understanding Divine unconditional love.”

Premal Madina organizes Devi Temple of Feminine festival, Healing Journey 3 part with Satyam Svarup, Butiba Festival, Workshops and retreats for women and giving individual sessions!