Svarno Anand – Hulya Erbeyli

Svarno Hülya Erbeyli

Hello, I am Svarno Hülya, Certified Professional Coach with over 20 years of experience working with people and groups. I have supported numerous individuals in finding their soul truth and designing the life and career aligned with their heart’s desires. With my extensive experience in coaching, I am equipped to guide you through the process of self-discovery and help you achieve your goals through connecting with your inner child and inner teenager.


Here are the works I offer:

Individual Sessions:

  • Sexual Deconditioning (10 Sessions),
  • Primal Childhood Deconditioning (10 Sessions),
  • Career, Self-Leadership and Leadership Coaching

Group Work:

  • Healing Inner Child and Healing Inner Teenage Workshops
  • Wellbeing and Intimacy Workshops
  • Women Empowerment Circles
  • Leadership and Self Leadership Training and Workshops


I am based in London and Istanbul. I offer my work online or life.

Let’s work together to uncover your true potential and create a fulfilling life that reflects your authentic self.

You can book a free complementary 30 min session.




Phone: + 44 77 95269511