A journey into the Blue Essence and the Diamond Consciousness

Creativity is the knack to recognize a design, a flow, a melody, into something, and the ability to bring it out into actual existence. The result can equally be a work of art, a beautiful life, or a mystical experience.

Creativity is born out of uniqueness: in the dimension of the soul, it means being in touch with your inner Guidance: a Diamond clear space in which you can recognize your own inner light, listen to it, and allow it to express itself in whatever form it pleases. Then, the result of your actions and expressions will emanate a beauty and a perfection that come from grace and insight.

But since childhood, and specially in school, we are taught to fear the unusual and to rely more on what we learn by imitation and repetition. In this way, we lose our connection with what is coming from within, and we are taught to trust our intellect rather than our intuition.
When we lose the Diamond clear space of insight, the guidance of the being, we replace it by relying on our intellect, which functions by repetition and is not able to produce something new.
When we only follow the dictates of our intellect, we become imitators, but can’t any longer experience the joy of creation. We rely on our Superego to guide us, and follow someone else’s map to explore our unknown territory.

In this group we will create many situations and offer many different methods for you to find back the contact with your Diamond guidance, and to learn to trust the Blue Essence that you are born with.