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Svarup and Premartha are lovers, friends, and partners. They have been working together in the field of spiritual therapy for many years. This book is the outcome of their experience. In it, you will find a beautiful combination of therapy and meditation, of love and awareness. Twice Born offers a synthesis of the Western and Eastern approaches toward Childhood Deconditioning. It addresses the unresolved issues of our early childhood that play an important part in the way we feel, behave, and relate today. It also supports our rediscovery of the qualities of being, presence, and individuality which we were born with, so we can take them with us into a second birth, towards our Buddha nature. The book leads us through a fascinating journey through time, from before we entered school all the way back to the moment before conception. Each chapter addresses a different developmental stage of childhood. It describes the wounds that can happen at each stage, and the many ways in which they can be healed. It also reveals the natural essences that are part of that specific period. It is a book that receives its inspiration from the rich meditative energy field of a Master. It teaches us how to work on our issues joyfully, bringing compassion towards them. Each chapter is divided in three segments: · An explaining and understanding section, · An evoking section, in which the authors share their experience in healing their inner child · An experimenting section The golden thread throughout this healing journey is a meditative awareness, which will help us in healing the past and creating a new future.

The child never dies…nothing ever dies. 
The child is there, always is there, wrapped by other experiences…
Wrapped by adolescence, then by youth, then by middle age,
then by old age…but the child is always there.
You are just like an onion, layers upon layers, but if you peel the onion, 
soon you will find fresher layers inside. 
Go on deeper and you find more and more, fresher layers. 
The same is true about man:
if you go deep into him you will always find the innocent child…
And to contact that innocent child is therapeutic.
(Osho, The Wild Geese and the Water)