My connection with the ten sessions of Childhood Deconditioning is one of deep love. To have you, Premartha and Svarup, as my teachers of this process has transformed my life. Working with it even more! It is such a gift to be a witness in the sessions to so many people connecting with their inner child and seeing the transformation this process brings in their lives, the connection they have with their partner and with their own children. It is family healing in its real sense! I am so grateful I did the training for this transformative process! It has been one of the best gifts of life I have received! Thank you beloveds, Premartha and Svarup, for everything! With lots of love, Gulistan, Mexico

I still do CD the 10 sessions and since January this year I have done it with more then 10 people. For me is a work that helps people that would like to go deeper with the understanding of themselves and became more aware of the barriers in their life that prevent them in having a more full feeling life. I always feel grateful in having you as my teachers and that I have learned from you two this wonderful journey into childhood.Thanks again for everything, lots of love to both of you, Kareemi, Greece

To Share Childhood Deconditiong Series is a gift for us and for our beloved clients. Made contact in each session with the child and recover the real energy, not polluted, not conditioned, give us the pleasure to enjoy life again as adults with the gaze of a child. Arpana and Nandu, Mexico My relationship to the 10 sessions is full of gratefulness and admiration. I am not running so many individual processes as I used to in the past, because it is very demanding for my energetic input. I usually do Dynamic with my client and the 10 sessions are really usually at least 12. Nonetheless I have at least 1 client per quarter and I always explain to them who is the creator of this structure. Thank you once again for teaching me. Sugandho, Israel This mail is to say I would like very much to stay on the website. What is my connection with these 10 sessions. 1. These 10 sessions for me are essential for personal growth like primal therapy with an individual approach they help a person to know and understand their pain and repression from early childhood and the internal continuing war or conflict that this causes with varying results at different levels for different people. 2. There are many beautiful alternative therapies in the world of Osho but I feel for many people if they have not done these sessions their childhood issues may very often “block” them to be open, receptive and to go fully in, by completing these sessions the knowing and deeper understanding they have of their inner child and childhood issues/wounds the more open and receptive they can be. 3. I have seen in some of the clients who have done the sessions with me such dramatic changes in their approach to life and in others smaller changes but there has not been a single client who has not received something. 4. I also have learnt very much about myself from facilitating these sessions, each session gives me a deeper insight to my issues and has helped me not to “fall in the trap” if that is the right way to say it. I have come to understand that I am not “giving the session” but supporting and guiding a person to go into a very deep and profound process. I love these sessions I only wish I could have more clients but this is another of my issues that I have to look at. I hope this is enough. Much love from the hill top and myself Maitri, Italy

The CD work has helping me tremendously not only for meditation also for develop creativity and bring beauty in my style of live, in that way I am available to offer the 10 sessions to the people . We can see how these 10 sessions transform people and certain intimacy grows between them and us and creates the atmosphere for meditation. Madhu, Mexico

My heart goes out to you – flying across the sea – to send you love and hugs and lots of gratitude for your beautiful work, your friendship and your energy that brings so many beautiful souls together!! Shivani, Italy

Beloved Svarup and Premartha: For us your work is a treasure it has change our lives.With every person we have work we have seen great changes. We would like that every person that is near us would do the sessions but unfortunately not everybody is ready, but when ever someone is ready we work with him or her. Vaadi, Mexico

Voglio ringraziarvi di cuore per gli anni di intenso lavoro svolto insieme. Per la mia crescita personale è stata una tappa davvero importante di guarigione e comprensione resa possibile da quel contesto di amorevole entusiasmo e meditazione che sapete creare nei vostri gruppi. Come terapista poi il lavoro delle 10 sessioni di Chilhood Deconditioning che mi avete insegnato è diventato preziosa parte integrante dei percorsi di crescita che propongo alle persone che vengono a lavorare con me e da cui nel corso degli anni continuo a ricevere feedback estremamente positivi. Con stima e profondo amore, Tabish, Italy

I was amazed by the miracle that those sessions are together of the miracle that that book of yours is.. I always read it while I go along with the sessions….again, and again….and what puts me in total awe is that I always read a new book and I do not know how it happens. Like with the person…the process is so alive and fresh that is a brand new experience each time. So there I am last Sunday, at Vero Cafe in Kaunas, early morning, turning the last page of the book with tears in my eyes and much warmth in my heart. How it happened that I did not read THIS book before? In total delight… Amiya, Lithuania

In Childhood Deconditiong sessions series I find depht and truth. In offering this work I know I’m supporting a person to come back home, to her/his true nature. Embracing your Inner Child, what you find it’s your Essence. with Love, Darshana Elena Scola, Italy

I love the Childhood Deconditioning work developed by Premartha and Svarup especially because of the spirituell and poetic element which is elegantly combined with the profound understanding of Primal Therapy. It is a gift to be able to share the different types of 10 sessions moving deeper and deeper into meditation , clarity and understanding in each session for a liberation of the ‘Being’ or the soul of my beloved client. Ekanta, India