The Childhood De-conditioning Training Process is focused on:

  • Learning how to support a client or ourselves in healing childhood negative experiences and understanding how those impact our adult lives.
  • Learning childhood developmental phases and their potential.
  • Reclaiming and reconnecting with the aliveness and the natural qualities that got wounded or mistreated when experiencing childhood negative events, during our human developmental phases as children.
  • Integrating in a healthy way, the good and the challenging aspects of our first 7 years of life, creating a wholesome and vibrant experience of ourselves as adults.
  • 180 hours of training. The training is presented as a mix of online and live teachings.
  • In each part of the training you will dive in interactive experiences: in-group, partners and individual work settings.
  • You will have access to 7 manuals and course materials.
  • At the end of the training, you will have the option of being certified as a Twice born, Childhood De-conditioning Process facilitator after completing a Supervision process.
  • Supervision:  If you decide to apply for certification, you will go through 2 Supervision sessions. The cost of every supervision session is of 80eur per session. The pace of the Supervision sessions can be:
  • One supervision after the first 5 test sessions and one at the end of the 10, or
  • If necessary more supervision can be added for each test series.
  • After three completed test series (The ten sessions program with three different clients) we will consider together with the trainee if he/she is ready to facilitate the process.