Healing the Inner teenager – The Quest for Passion

    This process guides you through your adolescence, healing the wounds of that time and retrieving the qualities that are the essence of a healthy teenage.
    The awakening sexual energy of a teenager is a gift. It is not only a potential source of physical pleasure. It also makes life an adventure and eventually a search.

    Healing and embracing your inner adolescent now, as an adult, will bring back into your present life a sense of daring to go beyond what is familiar routine. It will create the space for something new in your life.

    We will explore themes such as:
    – the inner relationship between your adult and your adolescent
    – the original longing of the teenager in you
    – the family dynamics and conditionings of that time
    – shame, revenge and forgiveness
    – red passion and golden merging
    – the connection with the same sex
    – the meeting with the opposite sex
    – meditation and breathing techniques to reconnect with the natural flow of male and female energy in your body