The Divine Lovers

Sexual energy combined with awareness and compassion is the fuel for transformation.

This group offers you a very simple and clear map of how energy naturally flows through the different chakras in a male or female body, and how the meeting of these two polarities, first outside with a partner and then inside yourself, can open the door into the divine.

We are all taught to behave and act in a way that is unnatural to our bodies and souls. Both in love and sex, we relate from a role that is not naturally ours, and expect others to do the same. Without realizing it, in this way we create stress and effort in them and us.

Once you surrender to the natural movement of your energy, you can become more compassionate towards yourself and others.

You will learn to enjoy sharing with friends and partners what is really flowing between you, whether is sex, or the capacity to manifest together, or the bliss of inspiring each other.

Every exchange will become vibrant and real.