The Red Essence – the Courage to be oneself

This group will introduce you into the red essence of passion and courage.

It will give you tools to trust these qualities inside yourself and to be inspired by them, both in your daily life and in the dimension of your spiritual search.

You will be guided to:

• Explore what in your past has blocked the red essence, and rediscover the natural adventurous child that is still alive and waiting for you.

• Learn as an adult to reconnect with the red essence in your daily life, and find back the enthusiasm and courage that you need to break through routines that have become dull and uncreative.

• Experience the “red” side of meditation, active, celebrative and opening.
The courage to be oneself is the capacity to feel whatever there is to feel, to face it, to stay with it and to transmute it into warmth.

It is the thrill of taking risks to participate into life, and the willingness to struggle with the difficulties of life. It revitalizes and heals.