The Yellow Essence – from Stress to Joy

Joy is Yellow Essence. It is feeling alive, creative and aligned with the whole, happy to contribute to Existence.

Our essential joy always spread to others, like warm rays of sunshine, and makes them more alive and inspired. It enhances life, and creates abundance inside and outside for everyone around.


But in our conditioning, this joy is underrated. It is considered as a superfluous good, like a bonus after hard work, as an occasional holiday at most.

Stress, sacrifice, duty, and the guilt and rage that follow them in the shadows, become the replacement for joy.


We are also taught to believe that, to help the people we love, we have to postpone our joy. That we need to turn our attention to their unhappiness, and try hard to make them happy, joyful.

In this way, we lose the path to our own Joy, to the beloved inside us. We also end up blocking those we try to help and save from finding their own essential source of Joy inside themselves.


In this weekend we will work on the issues that stand in our way of connecting with Joy.

You will be supported to recognize what really opens the joy in you, and follow it as an inspiration for your lifestyle, your work and your relationships.

You will learn to let the people you love move on to their own unique path to joy.


We will explore different methods, from Essence work to Childhood work, from Sufi Zikr to Osho meditations. All of them to create inside a clean space inside you to live your own life joyfully and abundantly.