Twice Born, Family Constellation

Our capacity to relax into who we are, and tolive our potential, is strongly influenced by the place we occupy in our family of origin, or in our present family.

Often, out of love and a need for belonging we unconsciously take a place within the system which is not ours. We carry the feelings of others, or replace those who have been excluded or rejected. In doing this, we take on our shoulders other people’s burdens, trying to fulfill a destiny which is not ours.
In this group, you will have the chance to observe the hidden dynamics of your family system. The other participants will take the plave of your family members and communicate what they feel in these positions. This will give you a clear picture, in which you can experience where lies the unbalance that prevents you from relaxing into the place which is truly yours.

In then changing the position of each family member, and completing the things that have remained unspoken, step by step a new picture is created. You can experience the great release and the feeling of harmony that comes from standing in the right place..