Essential Enneagram

  • enneagram drawing
The Enneagram is a system of personality typing that describes patterns in how people interpret the world and manage their emotions. It is an ancient method that describes the 9 stages (points) of any cycle in life (action, relationship, creativity, work…), and how and on which point our energy can get stuck (fixated), preventing us to complete that cycle and move on towards the new.
In this Essential Enneagram Training, we will explore each one of those points in the light of Essence work.
This work is based on learning how to experience the subtle and ever-present qualities of life through our inner organs of perception (feeling their substance, seeing their color, and sensing them inside ourselves).
Even when the outer circumstances of life might temporarily not reflect these qualities, we can always reconnect and align ourselves with them. In this way, we create an opening for these qualities to blossom also around us, giving us a sense of flow and belonging to something larger than us.
Through Enneagram understanding, early life experiences are the main reason for our energy being unable to move on and experience the rainbow of possibilities that life has to offer.
As small children, we felt that in our surrounding, one or the other of the main essential qualities (like truth, justice, peace, bonding, etc.) was missing. Just because we couldn’t feel that quality in the atmosphere that surrounded us, we became blind to the fact that on a larger essential level, that quality was always there.
Out of that feeling of deficiency, we started developing a personality that is, still today, striving to bring that missing quality back in life, in our work and in our relationships. This compensating effort creates tremendous stress in our lives.
In this Essential Enneagram group you will learn to:
-Recognize which one of these nine points is the one where you get more stuck (your fixation).
-How to deeply understand what caused this specific fixation in your early life.
-How this fixation creates in you now a limited vision of the world and of what is possible.
-How in fact all the nine points are connected in a sequence that naturally moves to completion, if we only can learn to flow from one point to the other.
-How to move from the point you are fixated in to the next point (for instance, move from the rigid view of a number one, to the perception that there are many possibilities of the number seven), re-establishing for yourself a fluidity in your actions and your perception of the world.
-How in your interactions with your beloved ones or with your clients you can start recognizing their fixation, and develop a compassion and understanding for that fixation, supporting them to move on and see the world and themselves from a more complete perspective.
-How to go through and beyond the stress of feeling that something in life is missing by recognizing the wounds that created this perception, and move on to realize that actually there is nothing missing in life.