In this moment of crisis and transformation, it is fundamental to be conscious of our past oriented reactiveness and to come back to the here and now, where our true potential can unfold.

Our sadness, fear, anger and numbness have deep roots in our early life history, and they often get triggered and played out in the present. This is just because all these feelings are buried and denied inside us, and they ask for completion: they need to be recognized, understood and transformed.

Our lightness of being, our joy and creativity have also deep roots in our past. We did experience these qualities in our childhood, but we lost touch with them because nobody around could fully recognize them in their essential value. We need to remember them and feel them again, to make the best of our life now.

In this workshop you will be guided to:

  • reconnect with the child in you, learning again to listen to its needs and longings,
  • discover the adult part in you that can take care of this child and appreciate its qualities and how they can transform your life now
  • experience the difference between a past oriented reaction and a mature response to the present