Healing the Inner Child in Relationships

The child inside is what gives us inspiration, creativity and openness. The adult inside gives us the maturity, the worldly experience and lovingness that are needed for the child’s qualities to flower in our lives and relationships.

When there is no communication between these two parts of us, we might project either the adult or the child in our partners. This will create tension and frustration in both us and our partners. Some part of us will feel deep down unseen, unheard and misunderstood.

When we realize this, it’s time to discover new possibilities of relating, that support each other’s wholeness and create friendliness between us.

In this group we are offering you some tools to make your relationships more loving,

  • by recognizing and meeting both child and adult in the other,
  • and learning to recognize in yourself which part is speaking and how to communicate what it needs or wants to say.

This group is open to both couples and individuals who are wanting to work with this issue.