The Mystic Woman

In every woman lives a nurturing mother and an ecstatic mystic.

And in every woman, there needs to be a unique balance between these two aspects.

They both need to be honored and find their unique expression in life.

In this group you will be guided to recognize inside yourself as a woman:

  • the quality of nurturing, whether it is towards your own children or simply towards creating an atmosphere of golden beauty in the life you chose to live
  • the potential for ecstasy, creativity and rebellion, whether it finds its expression in a particular spiritual path or in your creativity in the world.

By finding balance between these two energies inside yourself and understanding their place in your life, you will regain a sense of wholeness, a sense of being on your path as a seeker of truth and a loving being.

We will use many different methods, such as

  • journeys into the female archetypal world,
  • sharing our experience as little girls, teenagers and women and healing the wounds and misunderstandings that have left a trace in our unconscious
  • breathing techniques designed especially to enhance the flow of energy in a female body,
  • meditations that particularly suit women

By welcoming who you are as a woman, you can find a sense of completeness and fulfillment in whatever course you decide to move in life.