Making Friends with Death: The Mahaparanirvana Experience

Life and death are polarities. Without each other, they cannot exist.

On the one hand, the awareness of death makes life precious, an experience not to be wasted or postponed.

On the other hnd, the experience of living life moment by moment, to its fullest potential, is the best preparation for a conscious and orgasmic let go in death.

In our modern life, we are mostly taught to survive, to resist and fight, and be in a constant tension which keeps us separate from our source of life. We can function, but we cannot enjoy.
By making friends with death, we can open up to a new and rich feeling of kindness, of belonging to humanity, of compassion, of celebration. 
In this way , we can reconnect with our life source, let go of what is old and dead, and open up to the new, which challenges us to always expand and grow.

In this group, we will move through the fear of survival, which creates attachment and contraction, to the longing for a full life.

We will explore what is incomplete and unfinished,

We will learn how to accept the losses in our life: the loss of health, the loss of security, the loss of those people to whom we are attached.

We will learn to let go in love and celebration, ready for the unknown.

When we know how to die each moment to the past, we can be reborn into this moment.

Then, death does not exist any longer, it just becomes the passage way from life to more life.