Tantra: From Sex To Superconsciousness

When we learn to follow the natural movement of our bio-energy in our male or female bodies, it becomes easier to flow, and to be open to the opportunities that life offers us every step of the way.

Tantra gives you a very precise and scientific map of the dance of the human polarities, and shows you how to use their dynamic to grow into your full potential, both as an individual and as a couple.

In this group you will be guided into experiencing the different levels of meeting between men and women . You will be taught how to use them to improve your life style and your relationships, especially in the areas of:

• physical attraction and pleasure,

• love and relating,

• inspiration and creative partnership

• the mystery of the Great Tantric Meeting

In this way, you will learn to recognize your energy, follow its natural path and enjoy sharing it at its optimum.

Once you are relaxed with yourself and in tune with others, you will be able to practice the way of Tantra, that leads from Sex to Superconsciousness.