The Cycles of Life

This group offers you an accurate map to journey through the seven-year cycles in life and relating, and a way to heal the past, enjoy the present and look forward to the future. Every seven years, from childhood to maturity and beyond, our way of relating to ourselves and others changes focus and atmosphere. From initially being self centered for the first seven years of our lives, cycle after cycle we dive deeper into the “other”, into the world of friendship, sex, work, partnership, family, tradition…until one day our focus starts to naturally move away from all of it, towards what lies beyond ourselves and the other. If each cycle is well lived and complete, we move on to the next one unburdened, ready for the next experience, and happy to share this new challenge with our beloveds.

Relationships can evolve, and take new colors of love and depth of meditation. In this group you will:
• Move through each past cycle of your life, becoming aware of what remained unlived then in your relationship,s and find new ways to integrate the flavor of that time in your present life.
• Open up to what is really available to you in your present seven-year cycle, and learn to enjoy sharing your energy as it is now with your partners and friends.
• Have a glimpse of your future and recognize that only a life well lived will allow you to celebrate your full maturity in Mystical Union with existence.