The Tantra Lifestyle

It is a group for people who want to live their life in a beautiful, sensuous Tantric way.
The Tantra Lifestyle brings Tantra back to where it belongs, into life itself. It makes out of our daily reality something magical and mysterious.

It uses what we consider normal, and take for granted – like our body sensations and our senses – as stepping stones to the Absolute, the Divine. It transforms the mundane into the essential, the sacred.

Tantra has ancient roots but it is always modern. It cannot age, because it is about the love affair with ourselves. In this love affair, our body might alter and change, and emotions may come and go, but the watching remains the same, eternally young and fresh.

The Tantra Lifestyle takes life by its roots and wings, it makes your life a celebration, no matter what, pleasure, happiness, sadness, pain are all part of living this lifestyle. It makes no choice between good and bad, what is accepted or what is rejected. It takes life in its totality.

It uses the basic polarity, of male and female energies, as the spice of life, the juice. It is an invitation to whomsoever wants to come, young, old, pretty, plain, to come and celebrate oneself.

When we keep our senses alive, we are in constant touch with life, we smell it, we taste it, we hear and see it, we do not need to compensate the lack of this with an ever increasing material addiction.

It is a simple lifestyle, and more abundant it cannot get.