The Inner Star

“Does a star try to be a star?
Does a tree wanna be a tree?
If you are looking for the Buddha you’ve gone too far…
‘Cause you can’t look for something that you already are….”

THE INNER STAR Inside each one of us is a shining star, waiting to be discovered and manifested in our lives. It shares the same light as all other stars, but it is unique.

The Inner Star is a metaphor for our individuality, our inner spark, which we all brought with us at birth, and that started flowering in our love affair with life as small children.

As adults, this quality can manifest in us as the capacity to just shine in our essence, make life richer and more beautiful for ourselves and others, and follow new visions.

In this process you will be supported to recognize what conditionings and beliefs prevented you from shining in your essence and manifesting your potential in life.

• In childhood, where the child’s enthusiasm and sparkle have been contained or stopped in many ways,

• In teenage, where we often hurt ourselves in trying to be different or efforting to be like everyone else

• In adulthood, whenever we realize we are not fully living our potential.

Through a deep healing and opening process, you will journey through time to retrieve the original sparkle and bring it back with you. You will find back what lies at its core: a sense of purpose, and a joyful feeling that this journey of evolution never ends.