Living with longing : transforming life

This is an invitation to relive the longing, the spark that brought you into this life.

It is about your process of evolution, of living the life you are meant to live.


We are all born full of gifts. They are our individual contribution to life, and sharing them makes us happy and overflowing with energy.

But we have forgotten how to honor these gifts, and often find ourselves struggling in the direction of duty.


The conditionings that push us into this struggle are very deeply seated.


They start even before our birth, during our time in the womb, where we absorb the “hole”, a sense of deficiency, of our tribe and our family. We feel compelled to respond to that lack even before we gain a separate sense of existing.

Whenever we find back a sense of longing, being in love with life, we are again in touch with our natural gifts.


When the moment of birth comes, we all feel a spark, a deep wanting to be here that is essential to our lives now. Very often the circumstances of our birth have obscured this spark, creating a sense of alienation from this life, making it difficult to participate and share.

Whenever that spark is ignited again and we feel welcomed by our surrounding, a deep sense of belonging arises. Sharing our gifts comes natural.


Life becomes an adventure, and wherever you find a true expression of yourself (whatever that is, from painting a masterpiece to cooking a good meal), a deep sense of ease sets it. You are truly sharing yourself.


This group will explore:


  • THE PROCESS OF BIRTH to find back the initial spark that made you want to be here


  • THE TIME IN THE WOMB, to recognize all the influences that you absorbed, and to dissolve them through understanding and compassion


  • WHERE YOU COME FROM AND WHERE YOU GO TO, to experience what lies in the past of your soul and what is the new direction that can support your evolution.